Beta (Mac & iOS) 1.11 - Catalina Support

It's a been a minute.

Since we started on this journey some years ago, our circumstances have all changed considerably.  Couple that with the uncertainty of a global pandemic and Thunderbeam has very much taken a back seat to life in 2020.

But supporting Catalina and making forward progress is very much something we've all wanted to do, so we're very happy to announce the Thunderbeam 1.11 update.

In addition to Catalina and iOS 13 support (thanks MoltenGL team!) this release fixes a number of game breaking bugs that have snuck in.  A lot of things in the first episode that didn't work should now work again.  There's even some new behaviour surrounding the cat's diet.

I'm armed with a new computer and Wiley and myself have been actively discussing further clean up and some plans for the second episode.  We hope to have further updates for you soon.

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Sep 06, 2020

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