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Beta (Mac & iOS) 1.11 - Catalina Support
It's a been a minute. Since we started on this journey some years ago, our circumstances have all changed considerably. Couple that with the uncertainty of a g...
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Beta (Mac & iOS) 1.9
While a compatibility update for Catalina is still planned, today we present another bug fix release, version 1.9. This version fixes one of the most persistent...
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Beta (Mac & iOS) 1.8
Another small update which adds a couple of features: The <redacted> now works on <redacted> as well as just <redacted>. (We've got to leave some mystery here!...
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Beta (Mac & iOS) 1.7
This version fixes some small bugs around the analyser and NPCs consuming items. The Mac version is available immediately and the iOS version will be updated a...
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Beta (Mac) 1.6
This update addresses an error that prevented the Recobinator from working and another that related to item orgone effects...
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Thunderbeam Development Access
In 2011, my friends James Curry, Scott Lee and I decided to set an open-ended goal for ourselves to create a videogame in the graphic-adventure style, but incor...
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